Friday, December 30, 2011

Xmas Eve 2011.

 Di Lin and Shin Ying off to get Chatime for us :D

People NEVER get full from any barbeque parties. Never. But im proud to say we manage to finish all the food and left with satisfied tummies! That's a first for me honestly.

Penguin boii's eyes went off focus.  

Only men can start the fire. Girls should just sit and rot :D 

 Uncooked asam seafood delicacies put up by Pack Hoon! Fresh prawns, mushrooms, lady's finger, squid and a chunk of asam paste mixed with water. Wrapped them up in foil and dump them on top of the charcoal. Left for about 20 minutes.

 WALA! Cooked! It was awesome wei. Had to admit i couldnt stop eating.

These are done by ME! 
Sweet potato. It looks like a chicken drumstick hor?
Mushrooms with added garlic butter and honey. It came out sweet. OF CORSE IT CAME OUT SWEET WTF WAS I THINKING HAHAHA. Gave everyone a taste of it but they ACCUSED me that i was feeding them the mushrooms only because they tasted bad . My kind-heart being misunderstood like that. Asswipes! 
Garlic bread! Crispy to the bite :)

 Devils in the making. Those tiny hats aint even cute T_T

Chun Wei came late. I cannot forgiveeeeeeee! Demanded him to kneel down outside the house....and he really did HAHAHAHA! Sayang this kiddo! 

Chun Wei and i had this awesome idea of making ourselves the Master Chef, hence we made our OWN asam seafood to challenge Pack Hoon's.

We thought it looked like a coffin. Rofl. 

When it's done we allowed everyone else to decide who's seafood dish was better.

Guess what. Ours overthrown Pack's. Wotsssss! Everyone say Master Chef pwease *fans self*

Satu kali makan, jadi gila!  True story.

 Me love came late too. But i didn ask her to kneel :), i just made her to do things for me. Like taking my drinks yada yada. Powaaaaa!

Merry Christmas? Where has the spirit gone to Mei Keit? 

 There's no age barrier for acting cute. 


We ended the night with beers and Baileys. Drinking was fun because we raced to see who manage to down the beer faster. I have VIDEOS!!!! But im still contemplating whether or not to post. Image gone dammit. Lol.

See you. New Year's Eve coming.....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Burnt -.-

Took them out of the refrigerator and heated them up in the oven.

...........for 7 minutes. Went upstairs and continue on with my streaming drama.
Came out from my room and thought to myself "IS THAT THE SMELL OF MY PIZZAS?"

The smell of despair. 

Found my pizzas and that tiny slice of garlic bread all "bruised up" from overheating :( Should've put 5 minutes instead. 


There goes my late night supper.....but i ate them up either way. Some of them.

Will blog bout Xmas eve after i upload the album to Photobucket, though, it may not be any interesting than the burnt pizzas T_T

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

25th December.

Christmas finds : Anna Sui's Deep Cleansing Oil, 200mL 
                                  :  Anna Sui's Eye Make up Remover, 100mL 

...and to top it off, Parkson gives RM20 voucher for spending more than RM150 on cosmetics :D

Spent the whole day shopping with family on Christmas, been very long since i last do that. 
Reason is, i hardly stick around with them in malls, i adapted this habit of wandering off alone to search for things i want. So yeah, i'll always be spotted walking solo when i go shopping with them.

But since Mum is willing to spend on me [pretty rare!]....I got myself make-up removers, because my old one ran out and the one i bought to replace it isnt any good for my skin =/ 

I have alot more things to stock up to bring over to Kangarooland. The list goes on....imnotlikingthis :(

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tic Tic.

POREOTICS! Why didnt they tour only when i fly over! fuckthisshit! It'll be so dope if i get to see them live!

Incase you havent watch any of the Tic Tic tour in Austrailia on Youtube. You should! It presents Mychonny [my favourite, now im really gona cry :( ], Brian Puspos and ArchiTEKs, JRA, Victor Kim, etc etc.

They toured around Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and BRISBANE! Sigh. BRISBANE! I guess i wont see them anytime soon for next year ='(

Can you imagine seeing Brian Puspos and Mychonny on the same stage apart from the 14'' screen where i view them every night!

If you have absolutely no clue who they are.....

Go back to China! 
Row your boat back to China!!!! 
Roll down from Great Wall of China!!!

Naw, Brian Puspos is this famous choreographer that posts his dances on Youtube. His best choreo Wet The Bed garnered more than 2mil views ;D And his other videos with nothing less than 300k
That is some serious shit.

And for Mychonny, he posts funnyassvommitblood videos just like Peter Chao. 
Asian level : 1543252498120948190
He never fails to make me rofl. If i were to pick one from NigaHiga, Peter Chao and Mychonny. I'll chose him hands down ♥

Now go check them out on Youtube. Dont make me ask twice. I want to get people addicted as i am.

I come to like electrohouse music after watching too many of Poreotics performances. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Drove 45 minutes!

The year is ending and seems like i've done nothing right. 
Im supposed to be happy on this celebrated day. But im not.

Spontaneous text from Ling in the morning [surprised i was even able to tear my eyelids apart to read] to go meet her up. Havent been seeing woman for months despite being in the same university! Conflicting time schedules really sucks.

So yeah, i was willing to drive up to Hartamas just to have a 2-hour talk because i missed her :D

Initial plan was her, Crystal and me but Crystal bailed out on us. I wouldnt say i didnt see that coming LoL.

I was late so mummy's girl had to stay-in instead of Solaris :(

But im not complaining coz her Dad got us supper! HAHA! It's more like dinner for me because i havent had mine.




There's even chocolate cake but i was too bloated dayummm!

My first time seeing Sasha! OH THAT CUTE LITTLE POMERANIAN! Once Ling let her out, she pranced all over me! Abit ganas in the beginning because she was marching all over my legs - she must have been kept from the outside world for too long ahahah!

Cutesome furball! WHY U NO LET ME EAT U?!




The mirror at her dinning area is the RIGHT PLACE to take a shot :D
It's blur but all's good.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

20th December. Sister turns 5.

Angry Bird in pink. My sister's favourite colour, i mean WHICH GIRL in the same age wouldnt love pink?! I once digged [past tense] it. If they like blue.....then their parents are in deep shit!

Close up to the accompanying birds on top. Tweet tweet!

The first thing i said when i look at it. 

Forgives her for the peace sign.......only for today -.-

We haz the same eyes :D


.....bloodbath begins. Chom chom chom!

SIMPLE SCIENCE laid out in pictures! 

Got my sister a set of marker pens. There's more pens actually but not shown in the picture. 
I knew she would love them because everytime she comes into my room she takes my colourpens and scribbles everywhere [before she discovered the existence of papers], on my bed even!

It comes with a sketch book too. AND I DREW THAT! Never knew i was so talented....discovered only 21 years after *coughs*. My art teacher back in primary school should never have given me a bloody C! I can remember she whipped my hands with a cane for that shit grade. 

Alright, honestly i really do suck in arts. LoL
I can paint but i cant draw for nuts.

Fake smile T_____________________T Should i have gotten her barbie dolls instead ?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Beautiful things.

Yellow orchids :)

Sweet Williams for last week.
But i prefer calling it Wild Williams. LOL. *my inside joke*
I liked this one so much! But it already died 
[managed to survive for 7 days, pretty long if you ask me]